interpolbao.jpgBowery Snags Some Big Bands For Small Shows
Earlier this week, Interpol (who if you haven't noticed is suddenly on the verge of massive international superstardom) played a local, intimate show at Bowery Ballroom to a select group of friends, label people and fans lucky enough to snag tickets when they quietly went on sale last week. The show was excellent and the band certainly proved that they've got the chops to push it to much bigger stages, even if their lonely, isolated sound feels much warmer from close up. The more exciting development, however, is that Bowery Ballroom seems to be the go-to spot for big bands playing intimate shows these days. Next week the club will play host to both Franz Ferdinand and the suddenly semi-respectable Maroon 5. As the battle for venue and promoter dominance heats up, we can only hope for more shows like this, in an effort to one-up the competition. Looks like so far, Bowery Presents is winning this battle. (Though Rufus Wainwright at the Gramercy Theatre is a strong counter). (Pic via Bao.)

The Horrors Scare Up A Crowd (Get It?) At Pianos
They canceled their show at Irving Plaza the same night for whatever reason (we have our guesses) and instead played a "Secret" late nite set at Pianos Tuesday night. Say what you will about the British buzz band whose window of hype, in all honestly, may have already passed, but few can argue that they don't always put on one hell of a show. They're loud and weird and sometimes violent, but the guys seem to always impress when they roll through town. Fiddle While You Burn was in attendance, and took a bunch of great shots. See them here.

The Maccabees Have Arrived
Yeah, when we first heard the name of this band, best known as the heroes of the Chanukah story, we were a bit skeptical. Seemed like an odd choice for a British post punk band to adopt, but no matter. We immediately loved the album and the boys exceeded our expectations live at their first New York show ever at the Knitting Factory Wednesday night, making the most of a night off from touring the States with Bloc Party. Check out some pictures from the show at Brooklyn Vegan and a video below, via Punk Photo. We suspect this is not the last we hear of these kids.