benconnor.jpgBright Eyes Shows Off His Friends
Okay Conor, we get it: you have cool friends. This week, during the Bright Eyes 7-night run at Town Hall, the band promised a special guest each night. So far he's brought out the likes of Lou Reed, Steve Earle, Jenny Lewis, Norah Jones and Ben Kweller. Each played a few songs of their own mid set before joining in jamming with the rest of the group. On the night we went, we were treated to a mini acoustic set by Ben Gibbard and a sit in by Nick Zinner, who among other songs, played the haunting Daniel Johnston cover "Devil Town." But as far as Bright Eyes goes, no matter what you think of the guy and his music, there's no denying that he always makes the extra effort to please his fans in NYC. Whether it be avoiding the larger, expensive venues, playing intimate shows or pulling stunts like this. Conor went out of his way to make each of these shows special, and as a fan, we really appreciate that.

(Pic via skeezmoskataliteyea's flickr.)

Sufjan to Celebrate the Brooklyn Queens Expressway
Via Brooklyn Vegan, we've learned this morning that Sufjan Stevens will be performing a special series of shows at BAM this November at the Next Wave Festival titled "The BQE" and described as "a symphonic and cinematic exploration of one of New York's least celebrated monuments". In what sounds like one of he more innovative concert concepts we've heard in quite a while, the show will combine Sufjan live, playing both old and new material, with a live orchestra and video projections displaying a "virtual road trip." Gotta admit, this looks pretty cool. As evidenced by many of the songs on his Illinois and Michigan "50 states" albums, few are better at finding beauty in the intricacies of everyday urban blight quite like Suf. This should be a real treat.

sas.jpgSasquatch, or the Abominable Snowman?
As we mentioned last week, Gothamist took the trek cross country to experience the Sasquatch! Festival at The Gorge in Washington State. The festival is by far the most picturesque of any the North American music gatherings and one of the most casual experiences we've had the pleasure to attend, but its reputation may now be for the random bizarre weather that seems to sweep through the area right around this time every year. Last year it was the hailstorm that halted Neko Case's set and sent everyone running for cover. This year, it was vicious wind and the subsequent bitter cold that made the headlines. Despite the weather, a couple of New York City Institutions closed out the festival, as scheduled and in great spirits. Interpol played a short and appropriately chilling set of both new and old hits, followed by the Beastie Boys, who displayed their instrumental prowess, hardcore roots and greatest-hits rap skills one after another. The band seemed extremely grateful that so many stuck it out through the weather and some extended instrumental interludes, but the fans were rewarded by a classic, unique concert experience only the Beasties could bring.

Those two, of course, weren't the only NYC bands representing. Check out some pictures of them all, after the jump.

Beastie Boys


Grizzly Bear

The Hold Steady

Bad Brains