Things are starting to pick up around here. The weather was nice, people were out leaving the cave from the post-New Years hibernation and getting back on their feet. It's still coming around, but the rock scene is starting to show some life as well...

mnk.jpgMatt & Kim Shake Up Studio B
There was one show everyone seemed to be talking about this week, and that was the big Matt & Kim homecoming at Studio B. The couple returned home to Brooklyn after a bit of touring to be greeted by a sizable and enthusiastic crowd at everyone's favorite Greenpoint superclub. Nobody seemed to be prepared for the type of reception they received, least of all the band, who played their little twee-punk hearts out to a massive crowd of nearly 500 fans moshing and stage diving like 14 year-olds at a ska matinee. Nobody left without a bruise or two and a smile on their face. The big question now is, where to go from here for these two? They've nearly outgrown the Todd P circuit, and aren't showing any signs of heading mainstream quite yet, despite their obvious appeal. We're excited to see where the M&K show takes them from here. (pic via Amazin' Jane)

upt.jpgIt Sure Beats Roseland and Irving Plaza
While nothing is going to match the Arcade Fire in terms of NYC on-sale buzz, a couple other big bands quietly put tickets on sale for somewhat special sets. Bloc Party quietly announced 2 shows at The United Palace Theater on 175th street in Washington Heights. Can't vouch for the venue, but gotta give the band credit for trying to mix it up a bit instead of playing the same stale clubs they've already hit on their first few swings through the states. If you missed out on the extended presale this week, tickets go on sale to the public tomorrow at 11am. We're also hearing rumblings that Bowery Presents is angling to buy this place, and that (who else?) The Arcade Fire could be back to play here when they make their return to New York. So despite all the question marks still lingering, this may not be the one-off rock show it appears to be. Stay tuned...

Another show that snuck on sale without much fanfare this week was The Walkmen playing Bowery Ballroom with acoustic buzz boy Ferraby Lionheart. We hold The Walkmen near and dear to our hearts, and despite their shared allegiances with DC and Philly, few others manage to identify with New York quite like they do. The band may seem to play a lot around town, but it should be a treat to have them at the cozy confines of Bowery rather than the much bigger Webster Hall that they usually hit up when back home. Grab a ticket here.

dnf.jpgSo Long, Fabbymore
It's worth noting that after 5 years, Drew Barrymore and Strokes drummer Fab Moretti are no more. While it's always a bit of a bummer to see celebrity couples split, this one seemed a little closer to our hearts. Drew and Fab were fixtures of the East and Central Village sidewalks for so long now, it'll be kind of an empty feeling not to see them around together anymore. Whether they were grabbing brunch at 7A or late-night CD shopping at Virgin Megastore, the neighborhood feels a bit more loveless today. We wish them both the best. (pic via ONTD)

Barry Manilow is a Dick
Finally, if you were maybe still on the fence about attending one of those three Bowery Presents (???) Barry Manilow concerts at MSG coming up (We're sure you were), perhaps this unbelievable interview will make your decision for you. Good Grief. (Via Yeti)