srock.jpgSpankrock, Ghostface WTF the Highline
We've never handed our tickets to the door guy at a show before and been asked if we wanted to get a table and buy a bottle. But this, I suppose, is what you get when you go see a show on 16th street and 10th ave. Our experience at the new High Line Ballroom felt as if we were living the opening scene of a Law and Order episode, where at any second some over-tanned I-banker would come stumbling out of the bathroom covered in blood as everybody runs towards the exit. The thumping music, the blinding lights and this lingering sense of false superiority reeked of a disaster, but the ambiance aside, both Spankrock and Ghostface put on one hell of a show. Each act managed to cram as many people as possible on the stage, all rocking and flopping about to the music. Even fellow Wu-Tanger RZA came up briefly at the mic for a brief cameo. Live hip-hop shows are often a mixed bag for us, but while this one started out a bit sketch, it ended with a huge bang. (pic via Gaelenh's Flickr)

LCD Soundsystem, Actually Kinda Good
We've been hard on LCD Soundsystem lately. Despite it's massive popularity and critical acclaim, their latest album, Sound of Silver, has yet to click with our delicate tastes. "Gotta see em live!" everyone says, so we caught their set at Coachella and were still fairly unimpressed with what they had to offer. Last Saturday at Studio B, however, was a completely different story. That club always seems to bring the best out of the bands that play, and this time was no exception. They were completely on point the whole set through. Even the songs we don't care for were executed so well, it was impossible not to enjoy. So bravo, James Murphy, consider us finally converted.

lsfav.jpgStill No Water, But Better Than Ever!
Last year's favorite free summer event is back and the lineups are a total dream. JellyNYC finally announced the Pool Party lineups and wooboy did they strike gold. Superchunk, Man Man, Ghostland Observatory, Blonde Redhead, Dan Deacon and Octopus Project will play various Sundays throughout the summer. The date everyone should have circled with a big red marker on their calendar is August 12th, when Ted Leo and The Thermals both take the stage for most likely the biggest one-two punch of the year. And it's all free, all summer long. Check out all of the lineups here, and other summer shows here. Looks like there'll be a few more bands added, but this is one heck of a good start.