The Rapture Kill at Coachella
Sure, it always feels a little silly to travel 3,000 miles across the country to see a local band play to a crowd 10 times the size of what they normally play for. The Rapture, however, thrive in this type of atmosphere and took the chance to really show off how great a live band they've become. Following a disappointing set by fellow dance punk icons LCD Soundsystem to cap off a very long and hot day in the desert, The Rapture exceeded all expectations and managed to rile up a ready-to-quit crowd into one last dance party before the day came to a close. Twice the band introduced themselves as "The Rapture from New York City", and twice we got chills of satisfaction, knowing that we were well represented this year.

For a full recap of what 'we' enjoyed the most from Coachella 2007, peep here. For a taste, here's a video of 'House of Jealous Lovers':

Pete Wentz has a bar where he names the drinks after his friends' songs!
If you hadn't already heard. The official opening of the sure-to-be-hotspot Angels & Kings was this week. Touted as a dive bar that sensitive boys won't get turned away from, the glossy red carpet affair laughed at the idea that this place will actually be anything less than a major celebrity and groupie magnet. That said, if this still sounds like something that might appeal to you, there’s a perfectly good reason to swing by and check it out tonight, as the Tarts of Pleasure bring their always enjoyable Stolen Transmission party to A&K after a winter hiatus. This, combined with the Bamboozle festival at the Meadowlands this weekend, should greatly increase the odds of waking up tomorrow morning with someone else's eyeliner smeared across your face.

brighteyeswall4.jpgBright Eyes, Big Billboard
This one is clearly for the three remaining people living in the East Village who are unaware of Bright Eyes and his new album. This giant wall mural/billboard on 4th ave. and 13th street appears to be painting over a Crunch fitness billboard that was previously in it's place. (There’s a Bright Eyes/Gym joke in there somewhere, but we haven't worked it out yet.) Anyway, its big and sorta arty and situated so that absolutely none of the one-way road traffic on that corner will be able to see it. Glad those indie marketing dollars are going towards worthy marks!

Check out more pics of the whole dumb thing at BrooklynVegan (where the shot to the left is from).