faithless.jpgFaithless Return
It's been something like 9 years since the last time Faithless played in New York. Considering that the band is one of the largest in England and the rest of the world, selling out soccer stadiums and headlining major music festivals year after year, their return to the States is a pretty big deal. Hitting a couple club dates on their way to Coachella, they stopped by Webster Hall earlier in the week and completely blew the roof off the place. Read more at Music Snobbery. If you're in Indio tonight, make it your business to catch these guys before they leave the continent. (pic via ultrahi's flickr)

Spoon Keep It Simple At Bowery
Got a funny feeling standing at the merch table last Monday at the Spoon show, looking at all the albums they've made over the course of this decade. Girls Can Tell, Kill the Moonlight, Gimme Fiction. When it's all said and done, these guys might be the single most consistent and reliable band of the 00's. Never feeling the pressure to stray from their sound while always sounding fresh, they should be the model for which up and coming bands look to in this suddenly disposable indie rock world. The band has another album coming out later this year, and played a small warm-up show at Bowery with some new songs with the old favorites. It was a perfect way to spend a Monday evening, and represented everything we've come to expect from the band. Read more at Sound Bites, and peep the setlist at Productshop.

Bjork on SNL
Is it us or do the musical guests on Saturday Night Live seem to completely come out of nowhere these days? Had we known Bjork was performing last weekend, we might have at least set our DVRs, or maybe just stayed home to watch. Fortunately, we are typing this right now just a few miles from the Coachella grounds on a beautiful Palm Springs morning and will get to see her perform ourselves in just 12 short hours. Excited does not begin to describe.

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