blips.jpgBlack Lips Trash Bowery
One of the nice things about being a music fan in New York City is that you rarely have to wait very long to see a band you're recently missed. The Black Lips famously played about 6,000 shows at SXSW this year, yet despite our interest in checking them out, we managed to catch them exactly zero times (with our final chance being cut short by that whole collapsing balcony thing.) So we were stoked to discover they were going to play last Monday back home at Bowery Ballroom. The show lived up to our ever inflated expectations and managed to bring the house down with their drunken-fried punk. While their "wild boyz" antics may seem a bit forced at this stage in their careers, the music more than holds up on its own. It's not easy to play such sloppy rock and roll so precisely. (Pic via Sandwich!)

2007_03_arts_presets.jpgPresets manage to get a Hiro Ballroom crowd to move
We've been to several of these Thursday night Parties at Hiro, and despite the top level of talent that often comes through, rarely does it seem as if anyone in attendance is really enjoying themselves all that much. In a wacky change of events, last night towards the end of The Presets set, the place was completely going nuts! Arms in the air, people jumping around, dancing, smiling. Who knew? The Presets had never really clicked for us in the past, but being there last night sold us of what both the band and this party can achieve when the pieces all fit together correctly. We’re looking forward to seeing them again this Saturday at Studio B. (Pic via Dave Surgan's flickr)

Ticket Onsale overload
It's that time of the year...the summer tours are getting finalized and tickets are going on sale. It has been a big, expensive couple of days. First Phil Lesh sold out two nights at the teensy SOBs earlier in the week, then today Bjork and The Arcade Fire each sold out three nights at a handful major venues around town and Ricky Gervais went on sale for his Theater at MSG show. Finally, tomorrow morning, there will be Daft Punk at Keyspan Park, Morrissey in Atlantic City, Lily Allen at Roseland and The reunited Rage Against the Machine @ the Rock the Bells Festival on Randalls Island keeping you busy juggling browser windows trying to score a spot. If you bought a pair of tickets to each of these shows, you would have likely spent close to $1000 in the span of about 5 days. Hope that tax refund works out to be what you expected!