siren.jpgThe Sirens Return For One Last Year (again).
Rumors of Siren's demise have been greatly exaggerated. The annual Coney Island music festival will be back for at least one more go this summer, despite rumors to the contrary that persisted all winter long. Coney Island is currently undergoing a major facelift, to help revitalize the area, so the old neighborhood may not look the same as you remember, but this, combined with at least one more season of the original Astroland, should give many one last reason to make the Nathans pilgrimage. While no lineup details have been announced yet, there are hints as to who won't be playing this year. Both the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago and the Mile High Festival in Denver will be happening that same weekend, and many popular and up and coming acts have already been claimed up. That’s not to say that Siren won’t come through in the end, as they always seem to do, but just don’t get your hopes up for Dave Matthews Band or O.A.R. this year. Again.

A Drive-By at Terminal 5
The Drive-By Truckers are a persistent bunch. Never settling to be pigeonholed into a single genre, the collective walks the fine lines between the Country, Indie and Jam Band communities, and have developed a large and diverse fan base along the way. This week they played Terminal 5, their largest local show yet, and maintained their reputation as a formidable live act. The band played for over two hours, covering material from their entire catalog, but focusing on their latest record, Brighter Than Creation's Dark. Despite the usual complaints about the sound at the massive club, NYCTaper was able to set up in a good spot and record the show. If you're interested in a listen Check out the set here.

Crystal Castles Flash through New York
The FrictionNYC fellas put on another stellar show this week, collecting a couple of the more interesting Electro-Art bands together for one night at the Mercury Lounge. One the top of the bill was the much buzzed about Crystal Castles who, after getting their foot in the door with several stunning indie rock remixes, now are succeeding on thier own merits. Their strobe-heavy live show and 8-bit infused dance make for a dazzling night out and some wild pictures to remember it by. LA dance instigators HEALTH and local spazzes Team Robespierre opened the show, but it was CC that stole it. They're off to tour the world for now, but are certainly worth checking out the next time they come through town.