Yesterday we looked at what Gothamist editors thought were the top news stories of the year, and today we're looking at the top stories our readers clicked through to read. Not surprisingly, you're all attracted to illegal activities, street art, the subway, nudity, costumes, people behaving badly and NYC real estate!

Photos: Inside An Illegal Party In An Abandoned Subway Station Deep Under NYC, June 24


Gothamist managing editor John Del Signore attended a wild party that was literally underground, in an unused subway station: "In the distance, beyond the bend in the trackbed, a weird chanting began to ripple out and echo through the space. I saw the glow of candles, and as I approached I saw that everyone had been drawn to the end of the line. On what would have been part of a subway platform, a few people were leading the group in some sort of wild incantation."

Photos: Inside The $10 East Village Apartments, May 7

Sam Horine/Gothamist

It was a rare good new story about real estate developers taking over a building: Developer BFC Partners offered existing tenants of an East Village building $10 apartments in exchange for their agreement to allow them to renovate the building. Market-rate rent for other units? $3000-10,000/month.

A (NSFW) Dispatch From The Smallest Penis In Brooklyn Competition, July 21


This year was the First Annual Smallest Penis In Brooklyn Contest, with contestants vying for $200 dollars and the crown. We spoke to the winner, who told us, "I don't think anything negative has happened to me regarding my penis size. Probably the most fun I have with my penis is that I'm a grower, not a shower, and when I'm with women I love seeing their reactions as it grows to double its flaccid size. They seem amazed by it."

Stanley Kubrick's Amazing Old Photos Of The NYC Subway System, August 23

Courtesy of the MCNY

The Museum of the City of New York has a trove of photographs from legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. As a young man, he took pictures of New York City for Look magazine, and this series of subway life in 1946 showed us a glimpse of old subway platforms, with candy, cigarette, and even horoscope machines.

Photos: 126 Amazing Halloween Costumes On The Subway, November 1

Sai Mokhtari/Gothamist

Everyone loved these photographs of people who headed to their Halloween festivities via the best subway system in the world.

Photos: Orgiastic Excess At Bushwick Halloween Warehouse, October 28

Tod Seelie/Gothamist

Bushwick. Halloween. Costumes Lesbian copses sex scene. Naked man with "giant giant balls." You got it.

Photos: Cops Threaten To Ticket Banksy's Ronald McDonald Shoe Shine Boy, October 23

Sean Shapiro

British street artist and provocateur Banksy took over NYC in October, turning the city into a scavenger hunt for the latest pieces. Some were tagged up immediately, some were never found and some, like this mobile piece, were threatened by the cops. The second most popular Banksy-related post was confirmation that the stuffed animal truck was his.

Photo: Shark On The Subway, August 7


The most viral dead marine life on the subway ever.

NSFW Photos: Naked Models Visit Times Square & Nobody Does A Damn Thing To Stop It, July 10


Artist Andy Golub, who has been painting the bodies of models (and tempting confrontation with the authorities) for years, set up shop in Times Square one day with two nude models a whole lot of body paint. One tourist was a fan who declared, "I think it's wonderful. It's a bold statement. I guess if you're going to do it, go all in."

Photos: The Faces Of SantaCon 2013, December 15

Sachyn Mital/Gothamist

This was the year that SantaCon turned from annoying drunken revelry (with a charitable angle!) into Public Enemy #1. The unruly behavior of the Santas—and elves, reindeer, Gingerbread Men, etc.—was somewhat tempered by the snow, but some still managed to get on the naughty list.

Move Over Friends, This Show Has The Most Unrealistic NYC Apartments, January 16

The ABC sitcom Don't Trust The B— In Apartment 23 may have been quickly cancelled, but it left a lasting legacy in the annals of NYC TV apartments conceived by set designers who perhaps have been in a NYC apartment before. For instance, the two lead characters were only half-employed: "One works in a coffee shop and one doesn't work at all." And there was a pool table!

NSFW Video: Woman Goes Topless At Rooftop Bar, Cop Reacts Perfectly, August 12

Allen Henson

Photographer Allen Henson pushed the boundaries of public toplessness with his series of models shedding their clothes in restaurants, atop the Empire State Building and bars. At fancy rooftop cocktail lounge Salon de Ning, the police were called to respond to a report of exposed breasts. Watch their priceless reaction.

Photos:Graffiti Mecca 5 Pointz Now Painted Over White, November 11


In the middle of the night, the developers who own the warehouse-turned-graffiti shrine 5 Pointz started painting over the walls where thousands had practiced their skills. While the Wolkoffs legally own the building, devotees who were hoping to save the space were hurt and angry by the clandestine actions. But isn't change just the nature of graffiti and New York in general?