A year (plus some beta testing time) has passed for Gothamist, and we've decided to look at our progress against a human baby's:
- First month - Blinks at bright lights
- Second month - Smiles
- Third month - Interested in circular and spiral patterns
- Fourth month - Explores objects with his mouth
- Fifth month - Experiments with the concept of cause and effect
- Sixth month - Reaches for and grabs objects
- Seventh month - Makes wet razzing sounds
- Eighth month - Chews on objects
- Ninth month - Picks up tiny objects
- Tenth month - Understands the concept of object permanence
- Eleventh month - Understands "no"
- Twelfth month - May form attachment to an item

And as God is our witness, we will have another Happy Hour...just not in February. But don't fret - on February 26, Bluejake is organizing an event at the Apple Store in SoHo for New York City Photobloggers and their fans. More details to come.