Gothamist admits to being part of the mass of unwitting Americans who decided to see The Day After Tomorrow two days before yesterday. And, yes, it might be the stupidest movie since the Roland Emmerich Godzilla. Besides getting distracted by the usual the moviemakers-are-deliberately-making-this-annoying-for-NYers moments ("Why are Dennis Quaid and Dash Mihok, former boyfriend of Alanis Morrisette, suddenly on the frozen-over East River, when they were just near the Statue Liberty - wouldn't it have been faster to get to the Fifth Avenue branch of the Public Library from Broadway?") and feeling bad for the animals (they didn't do anything to screw up the equilibrium of greenhouse gases - humans did!), our top five cliches of the movie (and while some might feel these are spoilers, Gothamist is simply envious of your unsullied moviegoing souls):
- The divorced couple coming together
- A wise homeless man
- Nobody believing the protagonists until it's TOO LATE
- Best buddy's self-sacrifice
- The melting pot that is American blockbuster movie development: Black nerd, female Asian scientist, British actors (so it plays well on the continent)

Rotten Tomatoes on The Day After Tomorrow. And someone on RT's boards has a great list of disaster movie cliches.