Our friends at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar were kind enough to let us curate a night of (free) music again this year and we have done our damndest to deliver the goods. All you have to do is show up on Saturday, December 21st.

The show is free & all ages. Doors open at 6 p.m., show starts at 7:30. This year's Brooklyn Night Bazaar is located in a 23,000 square-foot bakery on the corner of Banker Street and Norman Avenue in Greenpoint (photos).

If you use Flavorpill's free RSVP system, you can skip the line.

Here is your lineup:

The So So Glos

The So So Glos have all taken a blood pact against sterile rock and roll, and trade in the everyday mythology of life in the city of changeless change they were born into. With brash singalongs and blunt asides, the Glos take glee in eviscerating the manufactured mystique held dear by so many of their contemporaries. A fist in the jaw of apathy, the Glos are loud, honest, hopeful, and real. They are also a lot of fun.

California X

The pencil pushers at AAA would issue a warning about driving while listening to California X's debut album (memo subject line: "Leadfooted Lixxx") if they could find an analyst to listen to it without throwing a flaming office chair through the vending machine. Let's continue the metaphor: if Amherst's California X were a car, they'd be your cousin's '87 Cutlass Supreme. Menacing at first glance, it swallows you up in its giant, hoary embrace. The old husk (shades of Dinosaur Jr., sure, and for good reason) inhabited by a new spirit. A white-knuckle beer run after quitting your job.


Palehound's recently-released debut EP is full of gently distorted guitars and creamy disaffection. But 19-year-old Ellen Kempner's songs aren't just pleasant smirks—their loopy, penetrating melodies and throaty wisdom evoke the same indescribable bewilderment usually reserved for great paintings or deja vu. And that voice—it unquestionably knows more than you. Ignore Palehound at your peril.


Darlings' jangly (dangerous?) joie de vivre is expertly balanced by a keen, puffy-lidded wink at the things that matter in 2013 Brooklyn: longing, fleeting contentment, regret, weed. And "keen" isn't code for "cold." These songs are lived-in and meant to be enjoyed on the move. That is, your head: move it up and down.