2007_01_arts_clap.jpgCYHSY album pre-released
While Gothamist's initial reactions to the album are mostly mixed amongst the staff, one of the most discussed and intriguing points so far is the sound quality of the opening and title track, "Some Loud Thunder." Quite frankly, it sounds like it was streamed off a myspace page at 16kbps and rerecorded onto a used blank tape. This was however, 100% intentional, so they say. Some sort of digital postmodern homage to vinyl crackle or tape hiss, we guess? Whatever. What is even more fascinating is that the day before the album officially pre-dropped, a version of the record leaked, but with a perfectly clear recording of the same song in its place. Very strange. Was the leak, perhaps, intentional? Doesn't really make sense how it could have gotten swapped out by accident. Is the band doing some sort of double reverse psychology thing where they confuse the freeloaders into perpetually thinking they have the wrong version? Whatever the band is up to, it has clearly worked, cause here we are talking about it. Such suckers, we are.

This isn't the first track, listen: Love Song No. 7.mp3

Luna Lounge re-opens, no longer always free
Luna Lounge was once a great place to check out that local band you always meant to go see but never felt like dropping $8 on a whim. The room was nice, and there was never, ever a cover. Unfortunately, due to rising real estate costs, the club had to close a few years ago so that more condos could be built. Fortunately, the plan was always in place to relocate the club across the river to Williamsburg, which was a much more conducive neighborhood for emerging rock bands anyway. Tonight, the club makes its grand return, but unfortunately, it will no longer always be free. Taking a quick glance at the upcoming calendar, it looks like there will still be some no cover nights here and there, which will certainly help balance out those dreaded Live Nation nights a bit. (Perhaps there is a direct correlation...) All this said tho, if it's a nice space, and the artist-first attitude remains, and we fully expect it will, we will be excited to support the club as it emerges.

bright.jpgBright Eyes Presale Chaos!
Another popular artist playing a small venue, another batch of indie kids blaming everyone but themselves that they couldn't get tickets. The issue this time wasn't merely that people got straight shut out, but that there was a mystery password prompt that appeared on the Bright Eyes presale page for the Bowery Ballroom shows, despite the fact that no password was ever distributed. Fans tried guessing everything from the upcoming album title, Cassadaga to ILOVEYOUCONNOR spelled backwards with no no luck. About a half hour after the presale began, people started getting wise to the fact that if you removed the '/password' from the URL, it would take you right to the ticket purchasing page. Shortly after, the available tickets to the two Bowery Ballroom shows were all gone.

Here's a tip for the future. Simple math dictates that for shows like this, the demand exceeds the capacity and not everyone who wants to will get in. If there is a show on sale that might sell out in seconds and you really really want to go, try preparing yourself a bit to increase your odds. Get a group of friends on IM together and try to help each other figure out the best way for everyone to get tickets. Or at least be a little proactive in trying to track down relevant information, like a possible password. Sitting at your computer frantically hitting refresh on Brooklyn Vegan, jamming up the server, then blaming the site for not having all the information immediately available, (as if they owed you something) is about as effective as going down to the club and yelling at the daytime cleaning staff about it. A little poking around the internet outside your comfort zone can go a long way. (Hint: Livejournal fan sites usually are pretty hardcore about this kind of stuff). Anyway, if you missed out, it was only the presale and it was meant only for the fan club anyway, so don't fret. Tickets go on sale to the public next Thursday.