A couple of nights ago Gothamist was lucky enough to be inducted into the most prestigious of clubs. The Flaming Lips Furries Club. It's not a real club, but it exists none-the-less. If you are a Lips fan you know what we are talking about, if you aren't we'll give you a brief introduction. The furries are fans chosen prior to each show to dress up in various animal costumes and dance on stage during the show. So Thursday night there we were in our owl costume holding a high powered flashlight and dancing on stage, getting covered in confetti and smiling like crazy underneath our mask.

The show was a private party put on by Mazda and the FDNY. It took place in Gotham Hall, which was filled with celebrities, dancers, The Pussycat Dolls and of course a Mazda. The evening made little sense to us, but being on stage made it surreal and magical. Brooklyn Vegan was on hand taking photos, including these of the celebs working the red carpet and this one below of favorite Gothamist animal: PANDA! [we are on the left in the owl costume]

[More photos of the night here]

So have you ever been a furry? Tell us your story. Clicking through Flickr we found at least one other guy who wore the owl costume before us.

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