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You knew there would be more than just ripples when bad boy shoe giant Nike cannonballed into the hot tub that is the present day skateboarding industry. Did you think a Nike skate shoe reppin' NYC would be popular? Damn betcha! What do you think would happen if Nike only made 150 pairs? That's right, riots, full fledged civil unrest.

In case you haven't heard, sneakers are serious business these days and nobody is as picky about their kicks as New Yorkers. Now you can finally represent NYC from head to toe with the Nike Pigeon Dunks...but good luck getting your hands on a pair. These puppies are so limited edition you might as well not bother wearing them lest they be snatched from your precious pedes by the roving hoards of sneaker faddists. Recently a pair sold on eBay for $1,000.

You've got to hand it to Nike and Staple Design though for being one step ahead of the competition and combining the idea of a city reppin' shoe with an animal innate to the city to do the reppin'. Adidas just came out with a "Cities Collection" offering hot designs from Boston to Berlin that is also super fresh. Gothamist like the Pigeons though for the embroidered pigeon and "natural" color scheme - you guessed it, dark grey, light grey, and white with orange soles - like, say, a pigeon.

You can find more Nike skate kicks like the Pigeon at The Reed Space on 151 Orchard Street or at KCDC Skate Shop in Williamsburg at 99 N.10th Street.