Alligators! Every year some fool thinks that having an alligator as a pet would be a really good idea and goes out and orders one. Then a few months later said fool has to find a way to give up the now too-big bugger (sadly, the toilet as disposal method is an urban legend). The routine is common enough that the NYPD expects to pick up at least one 'gator a year. But the past two years have been a bit absurd. Last year the city confiscated a record-breaking six alligators and this year, after a Queens mechanic found two adorable little alligators in a tank in the back seat of an abandoned car, the total is at three (the found 'gators names? Left and Right). The now-confiscated little buggers will spend one more night in the city and then will move to an animal sanctuary, probably in Pennsylvania (where, according to the post, "anti-alligator laws aren't as stringent as in New York).

And before we let topic go, our favorite quote from the Post article? "New Yorkers simply can't provide the right habitat for them, such as a large swimming pool, he said. They could also eat a baby, he added." Don't you just want one for your shoe-box apartment?

Photo by Ellis Kaplan for the NYPost