Where has Gothamist been all day? Well, before we started posting this morning afternoon we got sent a link to born magazine and we haven't really recovered. The site is basically a series of really interesting artists, musicians, writers and poets being paired together and told to interpret each others work. The results then are posted quarterly.

Now, we're the first to admit that poetry isn't' really our strong suit, Gunga Din is about as far as we make it, but this site is as good an argument as we've seen for where poetry might be going in the age of the interthingy. Sorry if you were already well aware of the site, but hey, it's new to us.

Some of the projects on the born site use flash, some use video and some just play with html. But we've been pleasantly surprised that all of the one's we've looked at were clearly the result of real, hard, work. Seriously, check it out, you'll lose an hour or three.

Still from My Neighbor's Wife by Timothy Liu, art by Rob Heasley.