You thought we'd given up on the cute, eh? Left all that cute goodness those crazy kids who like to get so overloaded on the suff, eh? Well, for the most part you seem to be right. But then we get super adorable heads up tips like this video and what can we do? We share with you because we love.


Why yes, yes those are the first Polar Bear triplets to survive in captivity! So let's hear a collective "Awwwww!" please?

The little buggers live with their mommy in a zoo in Rhenens, The Netherlands which is why you most likely can't understand what the announcer is saying if you go and watch them here (a rough translation of the words provided by a reader: "first a 21 second Greenpeace commercial - voice over tells the news - mother bear lost 200 pounds because of letting the kids survive this winter - caretakers are not sure about their gender because mom wouldn't let them check - public walks away because of rain; polar bears don't care about the rain."). Almost makes you want a little polar bear baby of your own, no?