Our dreaded pandemic winter is right around the corner, which means we must soak up and store as much of these precious autumnal vibes as we can, like a squirrel storing away nuts. There's a lot to take in out there: leaves (dying, but beautifully so), pumpkins and pumpkin spice things, snuggly people in sweaters, and the invisible crisp in the air. So get those nice long walks in now, before the dark chill sets in for a few months and it's just you, your depleting nut hoard, and a crumpled up BINGO card reminding you of marginally better times.

Sarah Butler / Gothamist

Here are some tips to help you get B-I-N-G-O:

If you find any squares, tag us in your social media with #GothamistBingo! Happy Autumn, and don't worry... pandemic winter will be followed swiftly by vaccine spring.