Starting on Tuesday, March 25th, we'll be premiering a unique series from Nicolas Heller, called No Your City. You can watch the trailer below, but ahead of its premiere, we asked the creator a little bit about the project.

Heller was born and raised in NYC but says, "It wasn’t until taking a cross country road trip and living in LA for 6 months that I realized NYC is the greatest city on earth. When I came back, I began noticing things that I had once taken for granted. I was particularly drawn to the people of the city. I broke out of my shell and began speaking with those who I would have ordinarily been too intimidated to talk to. Learning about their interesting backgrounds and their relationship to the city gave me the idea to create No Your City."

Throughout the 8 episode series, you'll meet people like Don Ward, the best shoe-shiner in Manhattan, and Te'Devan the 6'7" Nomadic-Jewish-Healing-Freestyler, along with others who you may or may not have walked by at some point.

The series (which is more like an 8-part documentary), is directed by Nicolas Heller, and produced by Evan Zampella. Stay tuned...

UPDATE: For those curious about why it's "No" and not "Know," Heller says, "so that I could keep the NYC acronym... Since the series is specific to NYC."