teamzissou.jpgWhile the scene in Conference Room 1 at the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park for the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou junket wasn't anything like our movie conception of a press junket — ie. Audrey Hepburn interviewed by Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday — we did find out a few fun factoids about the stars and their movie.

"Only when I'm asked that question." —response from Noah Baumbach when asked if he was intimidated by the legacy of Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson's previous writing collaborations.

Interesting fact about the film from Noah: The whole script was written in a Manhattan Italian restaurant (we think he meant Bar Pitti, mentioned by Wes in our interview with him) where Wes and Noah would meet every day at 1 pm, working through the evening.

Next up for Noah, adapting the Roald Dahl book, The Fantastic Mr. Fox with Wes as a stop-animation film.

Anjelica Huston wore a large gold peace sign necklace during the press conference and is currently reading Bob Dylan's autobiography, Chronicles. Her husband, Mexican sculptor Robert Graham has a brief cameo in the film during the premiere party sequence playing a Venezuelan general. According to Anjelica, he was very interested in carrying a glock and was "outraged he didn't get a close-up."

How do you know when you're dealing with an auteur? Anjelica says, "The great directors, they don't really consort. They stand a little apart from their casts."

Willem Dafoe told us, he is "always the first one to get cold on the set." Funny how he's the only one who's then in the film wearing those blue hot pants.

His next project: XXX: State of the Union, where he plays the Secretary of Defense. He's also working on a screenplay, which he was loathe to discuss in detail until the film's made.

When children recognize Willem on the street as the Green Goblin from Spiderman, it's usually the parents who force them to approach him for an autograph.

Bill Murray wore a t-shirt with the Blues Brothers on it, and a black leather vest on top. He says, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is by far the hardest film he's ever done, physically, emotionally and personally.

When asked what he thinks the Cubs chances are for this year, Bill said, "I think they're going to go all the way."

One particular journalist clamoring for Bill's attention by yelling out his question, prompted Bill to ask him, "Do you come from a large family?"

Someday, Bill would like to write plays.

Failure is more interesting to Wes Anderson than success. He thinks it's more sympathetic.

He wrote the part of Bill Ubell, the insurance stooge, for his friend Bud Cort, who's perhaps most famous for his role in Harold and Maude. Wes cast Cate Blanchett because he was a fan of her work. He called her "the most prepared actor I've ever worked with."

Wes and composer Mark Mothersbaugh wrote the electronic Steve Zissou theme song, "Lightning Strike Rescue Op" a year before the film started.

Originally Steve Zissou's last name was Cocteau (like the French surrealist film director) and was a character in a short story Wes wrote while in college.