We hope you like change, because there's sure a lot of it when it comes to who's writing the music picks. Now, on to the picks...while we'll be down in Austin for SXSW this week, we aren't taking every band with us. There will be plenty to rock out to in the city, and as an added bonus, it's St. Patrick's Day this weekend...so your rock will be mixed with green beer.

2006_03_arts_isobel.jpgTonight the Presets are playing the brand new(ish) south of Delancey club Fontana's. It's pop noir set to a tight beat that'll make you think about dancing. Of course you won't actually dance, because you never do, do you? We'll be enjoying a much more mellow tone at Joe's Pub for ex-Belle & Sebastian singer Isobel Campbell [at right]. If you can't check her out tonight, she'll be at Southpaw on Wednesday.

The publisher of this site once told us he had James Blunt's song from Smallville stuck in his head, we never actually heard that song - but we're sure Blunt will play it this week at his Webster Hall shows (with the Boy Least Likely To). The shows are sold out, so as an alternative we offer you A.R.E. Weapons at Don Hill's Tuesday night. Heh, just kidding, we wouldn't suggest that.

This Thursday bring your ear plugs to the Cake Shop for Craig Wedren (ex-Shudder to Think, former Gothamist interviewee), Don Zientara and Joe Lally (Fugazi). If you prefer free beer over a layered cake of rock then head to Fat Baby for MyOpenBar.com's party. Ivy League, among others, will be playing - and there's free beer at 9:30.

If you missed out on tickets for the Silver Jews show on Friday, there are alternatives. Don't you fret. You can head to Northsix for Ris Paul Ric (ex-Q and Not U) - if his solo stuff is as good as his old bands, then this show will be one you don't want to miss. Stereolab is also in town that night, playing Town Hall, and tickets still appear to be on sale. So if you like their spaced out pop, then go to this show - Town Hall has perfect acoustics.

The Hook is hosting the No Fun Fest this Saturday. Wolf Eyes is playing, and since any band with the name Wolf in it tends to generate buzz by default - we're sure this will be a packed show. Check it out if you aren't swaying to the songs crafted by Jenny Lewis at Irving Plaza.

That's it for now kids, sorry to be brief, but we've got to pack for Austin!

Now, listen up:

Morse Pump.m4a - Craig Wedren
Various songs available here - The Presets
Various songs available here - Ivy League