SunsetRubdown-wide.jpgFrog Eyes and Sunset Rubdown (despite having border problems) will be taking over Mercury Lounge two nights this week. Sunset Rubdown is Wolf Parade keyboardist Spencer Krug's side project, and he produced a beautiful album this year entitled, Shut Up I Am Dreaming. It got an 8.6 on Pitchfork, just a few points below last years Wolf Parade rating. Anyway, point's good. If you go to the show tonight you can catch Beirut as an opener, see if his 2nd time out impresses the bloggers a bit more than his last show. Wednesday night you'll see Bedroom Walls opening.

Incase you missed Art Brut last week you can check them out for free at Soundfix tonight at 8pm. Though we can't imagine it'll be as energetic of a show in a store, we're sure it'll be fun.

Tomorrow night we highly suggest going over to the Knitting Factory for this solid lineup: Murder By Death, Langhorne Slim, Metal Hearts. Langhorne and Metal Hearts are both Movable Hype alumni and we recommend seeing them each at least 10 times this year.

Another great lineup on Tuesday night is at Mercury Lounge, Film School, Margot and The Nuclear So & So's, The Fatales will all be playing. We've been hearing amazing things about Margot...

Wednesday night the Walkmen are at Webster Hall. They have a great new album out, and an always amazing live show...and don't worry, they still play "The Rat". Meanwhile, over at the World Financial Center Courtyard Gallery there is a free show! That's more in our price range. The band is The Books. These guys are amazing! We just caught them at Northsix a few weeks ago and were totally drawn in to their electronic-comic-tragic-smart pop music. The show is at 8pm, tickets available at FCFS at 5pm that day.

Thursday Northsix has A Place To Bury Strangers, Unlove, Daylight's for Birds (ex-On!Air!Library!), Alcian Blue. This lineup makes us love good band names. Check them all out. Or head over to Kaufman Center (Merkin Hall) for Clogs.

Friday night Gothamist faves Bishop Allen play Pianos with (another Movable Hype alum) The Capitol Years and Femme Generation. The next night at Mercury Lounge The Blank Stares, The Diggs, Goes Cube, Speedway and Condo take the stage. We like what we've digitally heard of Goes Cube so far, and though we've never liked what we've heard of the Diggs (live or digitally - their emotive crooning makes us cringe) we do know a few people who like them.

Sunday Hopewell, Saints and Lovers, Bombs, The Model, Death Mattel (ha!) are at Pianos. We love Saints and Lovers and recommend this show for them alone. You can currently buy a single of theirs through Ultragrrrl's site.

Those are OUR picks, what are YOURS? Think about while you listen to this:

Winter, That's All.mp3 - Bedroom Walls

Song 17.mp3 - Goes Cube

Foothills (video) - Metal Hearts