2006_04_arts_cloudcult.jpgWe're a little late on the music picks this week, but we have an excuse. We've been too busy being obsessed about Cloud Cult. They played our Movable Hype show on Monday night and last night they played Cross Pollination at Pianos. Both amazing sets. We now have a bold comment to make to begin this rather bold post: We like Cloud Cult more than we like Arcade Fire.

There, we said it. Not that there is any reason to compare the two, we just wanted to really stress and emphasize how different, unique and, well, really effing good this band is. That way, maybe you will come check them out this week before they leave town. So without further ado, our music pick this week is:

Friday 4/21: Cloud Cult @ Arlene's Grocery [95 Stanton St]. 8pm.

Anything else you go to this week will just clutter your ears.


Transistor Radio.mp3 - Cloud Cult (live at Movable Hype, via RySpace.com)

Living on the Outside of Your Skin.mp3 - Cloud Cult