Brooklyn Photobloggers; Photo - JD

Jake drinks, Jen gabsEarlier this week, Gothamist made an evening of two of our favorites things: Brooklyn and photobloggers. Continuing a tradition of meeting bloggers,we were excited when Rion suggested that we meet with Lauraholder, 990000, Brooklynkid, and Stuntlab at Williamsburg bar Red & Black, which is also named of the book Jen is trying to slog through.

Amidst the wallpaper Laura likes so much, Gothamist drank beer (Jake) and seltzer (Jen, trying to detox), traded notes on growing up in Brooklyn (Jake), and explained to Red who/what Bridget Jones was (Jen). A fun evening of getting to know the minds behind the blogs, it was also reassuring to know that Gothamist is not the only one to carry around a camera at all times...not much time passed before equipment was taken out and compared. We can't wait until the next meet-up.

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