Lauren Weisberger on TodayLauren Weisberger on Today

The Devil Wears Prada author and recent favorite Gothamist punching bag Lauren Weisberger must have gotten the memo from her publishers about toning down the "ungrateful brat" element of her shtick because her appearance on the Today Show showed a humbler, gentler Weisberger for our times. Campbell Brown asked if the editor in The Devil Wears Prada was really based on Anna Wintour; Weisberger demured and, taking a piece of Kate Betts' advice, said that she was lucky to have a "vantage point" few get by working at Vogue. She said her relationship with Anna was "professional" and had not spoken with Anna re: THE BOOK.

Weisberger also admitted reading the harsh reviews is difficult, but her friends inside and outside the fashion worlds have been supportive of her. Gothamist remembers when we've been supportive of friends: Enabling them to continue with their self-involved rants, setting up interventions.

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