Thank you, NY Times photographer Suzanne Dechillo, for your amazing picture of the little harp seal that's hanging out downtown. Gothamist loves how the harp seal is waving - we have goosebumps! The photograph was for a story about how this harp seal has been hanging out on a "floating dock" near Battery Park for a few days (they usually are up North, in the Arctic or Canada). The seal seems to be okay, simply in the molting process. Gothamist begs anyone who works or lives near there to go, look for the seal and take pictures. Let us know if you go and we'll post the pictures!

The NY times reported on the Gowanus harp seal a year and a half ago; neighbors wanted to name it "Gowana." Gothamist thinks this downtown harp seal needs a name. We'll offer the first suggestion: Peter (as in Stuyvesant). Any takers? Or better suggestions?

Wikipedia on harp seals. National Geographic has a feature about the slaughter (noooo!) of harp seals. The University of Newfoundland has a harp seal cam.