Later on we'll be posting our CMJ Awards (we're thinking of giving Kanye one, since he never wins anything)...but for now we wanted to take a look back at the four long days of shows we held at Gothamist House.


First of all, thanks to everyone who dropped by, WOXY, and of course the bands (there were a lot of them!) for putting on some great shows. Some of our personal highlights were The Muggabears and The Jealous Girlfriends, two bands that hail from Brooklyn -- so we suggest you check them out as soon as humanly possible. Sadly, the buzz we got from their two sets wore off fast when The Teeth took the stage. In the spirit of Dennis Miller we're going to take a moment here to rant. Ahem. Every once in a while you'll run into a band that has a mixture of ego, attitude and bravado that rubs everyone the wrong way. The Teeth were that band for us this year. They started off their set with a bang, literally -- they smashed one of the lighting fixtures with a guitar, and then ended it with an extra song or two despite their time being up. Taking our "that was your last song" comment as a "suggestion" the band kept going and even stopped mid-song to waste some time blowing up a balloon. After their mediocre set, they didn't even offer to help clean the shattered glass they sprayed across the room. Nice guys. But hey, 31 out of 32 ain't so bad.


Some of those other 32 bands we enjoyed: Illinois, Pattern is Movement, Aaron Behrens, The Epochs, The Forms, Dead Confederate (mostly because they brought a fog machine) and Reverend Billy. They all rocked the (White) Rabbit, and the latter simultaneously startled, shocked and sang everyone into a "stop shopping" frenzy. Stay tuned for a podcast, which WOXY is currently working on (and check out their photos here).

Photos via extrawack's, editrrix's and la mariposa's flickr. The Food of the Future also has some nice shots.