200709gothxy.jpgCMJ is coming up next month, and as we've mentioned we'll be opening the doors to Gothamist House again this year. We've got a big announcement to share, along with some little details of interest if you plan to attend any of the shows:

Our favorite radio station has come on board! WOXY will be broadcasting live from Gothamist House all week. The show will be streaming on their website, and later the "best of" will be compiled into a neat little podcast you can carry around with you on your portable music listening device of choice!

The House is free (no badges required), will be open from 2pm to around 8:30pm each day from October 17th through October 20th and will be at The White Rabbit (145 E. Houston Street) again. Have to work? Listen on WOXY til you can come out and see the bands live! We'll be announcing the lineups in early October, so stay tuned for that. And again, if you're interested in becoming a sponsor for the show, please email GothamistHouse (a) gmail dot com.