200710gothamisthaus.jpgIt's time to start polishing up your leaving-work-early excuses, because CMJ is just around the corner. This means day shows, night shows, after parties and nearly every space downtown turning into a venue for the week.

One of those spaces will be our very own Gothamist House, which is located at White Rabbit at 145 Houston Street (between Forsyth & Eldridge) October 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th from 2pm to 8pm each day. There will be drink specials and admission is free/no badges are required. This year WOXY will also be broadcasting from our casa -- so if you find yourself at work you'll still be able to listen in!

After the jump find the full schedule for this year's Gothamist House, which includes sets from Charles Bissell of the Wrens, Aaron Behrens, The Forms, Reverend Billy & the Church of Stop Shopping, The Big Sleep, The Narrator, Bound Stems, The Spinto Band and 24 other bands! (View enlarged poster here.)

Wednesday October 17th

7:30pm - Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping (website)
6:45pm - Charles Bissell of the Wrens (website)
6:00pm - The Forms (MySpace)
5:15pm - Aaron Behrens
4:30pm - Sparrow House (MySpace)
3:45pm - Peasant (MySpace)
3:00pm - O'Death (MySpace)
2:15pm - Cut Off Your Hands (MySpace)

Thursday October 18th

7:30pm - iLiKETRAiNS (MySpace)
6:45pm - Sam Champion (MySpace)
6:00pm - Dead Confederate (MySpace)
5:15pm - Bad Veins (MySpace)
4:30pm - The Big Sleep (MySpace)
3:45pm - The Teeth (MySpace)
3:00pm - The Jealous Girlfriends (MySpace)
2:15pm - The Muggabears (MySpace)

Friday October 19th

7:30pm - Bound Stems (MySpace)
6:45pm - Deadly Syndrome (MySpace)
6:00pm - White Denim (MySpace)
5:15pm - The Mugs (MySpace)
4:30pm - Pattern is Movement (MySpace)
3:45pm - Jukebox the Ghost (MySpace)
3:00pm - The Epochs (MySpace)
2:15pm - Illinois (MySpace)

Saturday October 20th

7:30pm - The Narrator (MySpace)
6:45pm - Eagle*Seagull (MySpace)
6:00pm - The Spinto Band (MySpace)
5:15pm - Luke Temple (MySpace)
4:30pm - Ford & Fitzroy (MySpace)
3:45pm - Andrew Dost (MySpace)
3:00pm - The Subjects (MySpace)
2:15pm - Palomar (MySpace)

We'd also like to thank our sponsors Hey Nielsen! and Tunecore. We hope to see you there!