liars.jpgSo we've been racking our brains as to what excuse Gothamist had at a music festival in Chicago, but we were there nonetheless and had an absolute blast. Compared to the mess that was Mccarren Pool on Saturday night, the Pitchfork Music Festival went off without a hitch. There was plenty of cheap beer, water and food for all. We spent a lot of time hanging out near the Fuze beverage tent, which provided shaded couches, free juice and a mist tent for all, which was all more than welcome in the 100+ degree heat.

The lineup was a dream come true for anyone who's followed the scene over the last few years. There wasn't a disappointing act on the bill. New York area acts The Liars (pictured), The National, Devendra Banhart, Tarantula AD, Yo La Tango, The Walkmen and Ted Leo all represented us well on stage, playing some of the best sets of music we've seen them do. Congratulations to Pitchfork for pulling off a great weekend. We take back all the bad things we've ever said about you. It was a terrific time.

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