Whiner of the Year, Lauren Weisberger; Photo - Doubleday; X - GothamistOkay, it's official, after reading a profile of The Devil Wears Prada author Lauren Weisberger in the Daily News, the sleeves are rolled up. Check this out:

Weisberger was 22 and relatively fresh out of Cornell when she was hired to be Wintour's assistant at the end of 1999. Among other mundane duties, she spent a year fetching coffee and booking town cars, as well as making arrangements with the caterers and florists for after-hours business events.

"There were certain aspects of the job I could have done without," Weisberger, now 26, recalls. "For one, it involved being in early - in the 7:30 range - which I found unbearable."

If The Devil's narrator/heroine, Andrea, is based on Weisberger, then she's "sour, sarcastic, self-involved" and "too much of a pill to be endearing" according to Janet Maslin's review today. Much like Kate Betts' argument that Weisberger had an amazing opportunity to work at Vogue and should have appreciated it, Gothamist thinks that Weisberger is dumb as a brick for thinking that she'd have a byline right out of school. And, Christ, you can't wake up to get to work early and make a good impression in order to try and move higher in the pecking order? At a competitive, cutthroat company? It's not Better Homes and Gardens...it's Vogue. It's a JOB. There are thousands of investment bankers, not to mention countless other employed, who can attest to the virtues of getting to work early.

Gothamist's advice to anyone graduating from college and thinking about working in New York City: Suck it up. Stop being such babies. In spite of reading Page Six, people do actually work hard in this town. On the other hand, don't think Gothamist isn't trying to parlay a year of work experience into six figure book and movie deals, plus four years of publicity work hyping them.

To close, Lauren Weisberger can swing on Gothamist's nut sack.

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