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After the great suggestion from eebmore yesterday, Gothamist wants to sponsor a Little League baseball team. It will be a great way to support the community, groom our future readers, and wear white turtlenecks under blue blazers, a la George Steinbrenner. We're leaning towards sponsoring a team of seven year–olds with West Side Little League, as WSLL hold many games at Riverside Park – right outside the uptown offices. And while we may dress like Steinbrenner, don't expect any of his shenanigans from us, especially since the rules do it all: "If a child does not want to play, the coach will encourage but not coerce the child to play."

So, in the spring and summer, you'll be able to look forward to weekly updates about the team: Their progress, morale, opinons about the hottest toys, most interesting strange colored foods. Ideally, the team will be called the Gothamist Pandas, but apparently team names are already set up. Some have mentioned that "Pandas" is the kind of team name kids get teased, even beat up, over, but how can that be worse than being a Red Sox fan in New York? We're investigating the issue and we'll keep you posted.

Gothamist is going to fund most of the $800 sponsorship ourselves, but we'd appreciate any contributions our readers would like to make. You can donate as much or as little as you'd like via the Paypal link below.

Thank you!