Yesterday, Gothamist attended the 33rd annual Atlantic Antic along Atlantic Avenue between Hicks Street and Fourth Avenue. It is not your typical New York street fair with actual local groups, business and restaurants getting involved. Plus the New York Transit Museum had free admission as well as its annual vintage bus festival.

Although it did have some of the street fair food staples like Mozzarepas and roasted corn, we weren’t able to find tables selling socks every block. Not that we had a problem with that. It is always refreshing to go to a street fair and seeing information about local community groups, government services, local merchants, and of course no piles of socks every block.

Still, we were a bit disappointed that we couldn’t find the cheesecake eating contest and that we couldn’t find Marty Markowitz. Still we had a good time, ate too much, got a bit of a chuckle at the illegally parked New Jersey Nets van, and found out that New York actually had its own fleet of double decker transit buses once.