The Mission: For two movie fanatics, the Cinecultist and Capn' Design to watch on a Saturday afternoon as many movies as possible in a Times Square theater until either the theater closes, they kick us out or we permanently injure our behinds from so much sitting.

amc25.jpgThe Provisions:
2 bottles of water
1 large popcorn
1 box of junior mints
dried peaches
1 granola bar
beef jerky
1 deli-made cucumber and avocado sushi box
1 turkey, swiss and mustard on wheat sandwich
1 package of movie nachos
1 large soda
1 small diet soda

NoonBirth. Bracing ourselves for an early morning view of Nicole Kidman in the bathtub with a 10 year old boy, we started our movie binge with this newest picture from Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast). While the movie's tone of baroque old money New York, reminiscient of another creepy Nicole Kidman picture Eyes Wide Shut, seemed perfect for a blustery November day the over-acting and subpar third act twist is dissatisfying. Also, the soundtrack's extreme quiet made it difficult for unobtrusive snack opening which is always a downner for a movie binge.

Bathroom Break!

1:50 pmFriday Night Lights is pretty much a water-downed version of Remember the Titans -- an inspired, but controversy-free, high school football team has an unforgettable season. The film was undoubtedly Hollywood shlock, but if that doesn't faze you then you'll enjoy it. Compared to the other movies we saw, this was the most evenly acted and watchable movie of the bunch. As an added bonus for our racist, juevenille friends, Derek Luke plays a injured African-American player named Booby.

4:00 pmSaw wants to be Se7en but it actually feels more like an extra long episode of Law and Order: Spin Off Of Your Choice. Cary Elwes gnaws the scenery with his extreme over-acting, and in that foul looking bathroom jail cell they're stuck in for much of the film that's just not very hygenic. Here's a rule of thumb to adopt also, if Monica Potter is in it, don't go. She's just terrible. However, if you really must know the twist or are desperate to find out if Cary does indeed saw his foot off, e-mail us. We'd be happy to tell you and save you the $10 admission.

Snacks Break!

6:05 pmWhat the #$*! Do We Know?. Can quantum physics explain the behavior of sub-atomic particles? Can we control our day with the power of our minds? Did the filmmakers really animate cells and force them to polka? To all of these, yes. What the Bleep... is a shoddy, cringe-worthy combination of talking-head documentary, narrative, and digital animation that connects quantum physics and spirituality. Amazingly, this self-financed and self-produced film has found audiences across the country despite coming off as a sub-par high school instructional video. I feel bad that Marlee Matlin had to stoop to this.

At this point, we had two other possible film times to fill but the declining quality of the movies and that empty stomach feeling from too much popcorn drove us out into the streets. Spending eight hours in the movies can feel like punching in a full day's work, and it's not a hobby for the faint of heart.

Photo and additional reviewing by Matt Jacobs.