Gothamist returned from Austin last night and headed straight to the Mercury Lounge for the Go! Team (who were fun - but not as good live as on their album). Needless to say we are tired, exhausted and sad to not be wearing flip flops and tank tops anymore.

While down at South By (as the locals call it) we caught Fractious, The Prix, Idlewild, MC Chris and Maximo Park at the aforementioned party which took place at editor of Ben Brown's house. [Part of Maximo Park is pictured below right prior to rocking out Friday night]

2005_03_artsmaximopark.jpgFractious did a killer version of Tori Amos' Crucify that got the backyard rocking and the neighbors stirring in their sleep. Jake, Aaron, Alex and Morgan brought some local flavor to the mostly out-of-town/out-of-country guests and were followed by the Prix who took the stage in the living room. Described as "sexy ragtime" indie rock, the boys got the crowd to dance and even supplied some baseball cards. We'll trade you our Blake Jordan for your Stephen Mills!

After the guests consumed about half of the 48 cases of Sparks - Idlewild, Maximo Park and MC Chris performed to an overflowing house and yard. We'll let Austinist cover the rest of the party. We will say this however, that after seeing Maximo Park three times in the past week we have grown to love their songs that have taken hostage of the right side of our brain.

2005_03_artselijahsxsw.jpgSaturday we headed over to the Fader/Levi's tent for free Red Stripe and more music. This time around we caught Magic Numbers, Maximo Park (again) and the Cloud Room, who you've heard us mention here before. This band has become progressively tighter each time we see them play and we even declared that their song We Sleep In The Ocean is the new Hey Now Now (which was previously our favorite song by the band). Even Elijah Wood [pictured at left at the show - click to enlarge] seemed to enjoy the Brooklynites sound.

Stay tuned for SXSW tour diaries written for Gothamist by the Cloud Room and the National.

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