2005_03_oldboycont2.jpgWe've been hearing amazing things about Oldboy since it won last year's Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix, for being innovative and daring with its storytelling (our own Karen Wilson says, "This is one of those movies like Memento or Irreversible that the cineastes in your world will be rabidly debating around the watercooler") but Gothamist has had to wait. Oldboy opens in theaters on March 25, but you don't have to wait until then: Gothamist is having a contest to give away tickets to an Oldboy screening on Friday (3/18) night!

Enter here at Gothamist Contest: Oldboy Screening
- Five winners (each will receive two guaranteed seats) to a screening on Friday (3/18) evening
- The contest will end at 10AM on Friday (3/18)
- Winners will be randomly selected and notified by NOON on Friday (hopefully sooner - we know you've got to make plans)
- Please be considerate of your fellow contestants and only enter if you really are able to attend the screening

More rules and details at the contest page. And see the trailer here.