2005_05_artswashingtonienne.jpgLadies, watch out for your gentlemen; gentlemen, don’t think that pliant lady you just met will keep your hankering for spanking a secret…the Washingtonienne has hit NYC. We walked into our local bookstore Saturday evening only to be visually assaulted by the bazoombas on her book jacket (which we totally didn’t want to put up here, but we are told that some people respond well to assault of this nature…sigh). According to the Post, the lady herself, Jessica Cutler, is looking for an apartment in Manhattan, and Gawker stalked her through the aisles of the Whole Foods at Union Square. Guess when you're being sued, you need your organic fruits and veggies more than ever!

Much as Gothamist hates to comment on books we haven’t read, the fact of this book makes us sad the way Paris Hilton makes us sad. If we want to be embarrassed for American women and the way many of them seem to think it’s cute (or, worse, superliberated) to present themselves as skanky moneygrubbers, we can watch The Bachelor for free, thanks, instead of plunking down $25 for a hardcover book we’ll never open again. Despite all the hype and the inflated advance, we can’t imagine many people will care to read this book, even on a beach blanket. But what do we know? Cleavage on the cover has been the salvation of more than one book.

And maybe we’re just a stick in the mud. DCist was pleasantly surprised, and Jonathan Yardley (Jonathan Yardley!) gave Cutler the old “You go, girl!” in yesterday’s Washington Post. Or maybe we just prefer our lowbrow romans-a-clef to be set in New York. As alternate cheesy summer reading, might we suggest Wolves in Chic Clothing?

On June 28th, Jessica Cutler will read at the Astor Place Barnes and Noble. We'll be at home reading Virginia Woolf and gnashing our teeth about the state of literature today...or watching The Bachelor, one of those things.