The Rogers Sisters are: Miyuki Furtado, Jennifer Rogers, Laura Rogers

For the longest time we didn't think we liked the Rogers Sisters. We saw a band at Rothko a while ago who was pretty dreadful. Their attitude, the was bad. We thought this was the Rogers Sisters. Turns out it wasn't. Down at Siren a few months back, The real Rogers Sisters stood up and, wouldn't you know it, were actually pretty great. It wasn't 5 old dudes in leather jackets, but 2 girls (sisters, apparently...) and a dude. They genuinely impressed us. So much, in fact, that we asked them to headline our Movable Hype TONIGHT at the Spiegel Tent before taking off on a world tour, hitting Australia, England and the rest of Europe.

Have a listen to them on their myspace page. And come out tonight to see them play!

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