Photo by Stewart Isbell

The Picture is:

Robert Abel - vocals, guitar
Chris Buckle - lead guitar
Justin Repasky - keyboards
Jake Siegler - bass
Jared Vergilis - drums

The Picture is a reference point for Brooklyn's take on Brit-pop. Their smooth, layered gems have been satisfying audiences up and down the East coast for a couple years now, and have even gotten them across the pond for a brief yet successful stint in a handful of UK clubs. Fans of bands such as Doves and Longwave should be in their comfort zone with these guys. Definitely worth paying attention to as they look to reach the next level.

The band is playing the final night of their month long residency at Pianos tonight, alongside Gothamist favs Bravo Silva. They won't be playing in town for a while after this, so be sure to come out and show your love.

Have a listen to the band on their Myspace page.

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