Photo by Sam Horine

The Mugs are:
Jeremy Gough - Vocals, keyboards
Brett Tieman - Bass
Nick Moy - Guitars, vocals, keyboards
Ryan Raffa - Drums, percussion

We first heard these guys a little while back on our favorite little west coast Radio Station, KEXP. Instantly impressed with their sound, we were surprised and excited to find out they were not from 3000 miles away where we'd never be able to see them, but right here in New York, playing local sets every other week or so. Lucky us! Their songs remind us of a young R.E.M. with their pointed yet gentle power pop tunes that find a way to latch onto your brain. We've been humming their song 'Daisy Cutter' all day. They'll be at the Mercury lounge tomorrow with fellow local buzz band Eiffel Tower. Come check em out.

The Mugs - Daisy Cutter (mp3)

Listen to more at their Myspace Page.

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