2006_08_arts_headset.jpgThe Head Set is:
Jordan Blaugrund (vocals, guitar), Brett Sherman (bass), Michael Blaugrund (drums), Eliot Wadsworth (guitar)

Gothamist is not unfamiller with The Head Set. Back in the fall of 2004, we ran an interview with the band right before they were set to open for Sonic Youth at an Irving Plaza CMJ kick off party that year. It is a pleasure to state that, 2 years later, the band is till going strong and we are as big a fan of these guys as ever. They've continued to impress fans throughout the New York scene with an modern update to the classic New York sound. They'll be at The Annex tonight with Split over Drapes and a Super-Secret Headliner.

You can listen to them on their Myspace page.

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