The Diggs are: Timothy Lannen, Robert Haussmann, Charlie Schmid

We've had The Diggs on our radar for a little over a year now, and it's always refreshing to put the album back on and remember exactly how on point these guys are. After seeing them for the first time in a long time at our Co-Sponsored CBGB's party last week, we realized they were long overdue for a BOTW mention. Their emotional vocals over the layered guitars get us in the gut every time.

The next chance to see them live is this Saturday at one of our favorite new Brooklyn spots, Union Hall. They'll be there with the curiously named Gritty Midi Gang. Here are some MP3s, more on Myspace.

The Diggs - Trouble Everyday (Live) (mp3)

The Diggs - Stagg (mp3)

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