Photo via Jasper Coolidge

The Big Sleep is:
Danny - guitar
Sonya - bass
Gabe - drums

Everybody loves The Big Sleep. Honestly. We have yet to meet someone or read something who has lead us to believe that these guys aren't the best thing floating around under the radar in New York right now. This noisy psychedelic trio has been making waves in the local scene for the last few months now, including a major set at the Mercury Lounge on New Years Eve. They have a decidedly unique sound that stands out in this town. They're not too loud to offend or too soft to bore anyone. It's just right. We expect big things out of these guys, and are looking forward to catching them at The Mercury Lounge this Saturday with The Cloud Room and Film School.

The Big Sleep - Murder (mp3)
Check out more at their website and on their Myspace page

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