Sam Champion is: Noah Chernin - vocals, guitar
Jack Dolgen - bass, vocals
Ryan Thornton - drums, vocals
Sean Bones - guitar, harmonica, vocals

We were shocked...shocked! When we looked back at the BOTW archives and realized we had never featured Sam Champion before. Long time favorites of Gothamist, we recently caught them at Bowery Ballroon sandwiched between two of the hottest bands today in the Cold War Kids and Two Gallants. While we had always enjoyed these boys, we were out and out blown away by the energy and excitement these guys brought. Seemed like a completely different band from the last time we saw them and we were beyond impressed. If it's been a while, go see them again. If you've never seen them, do yourself a favor.

Lead Singer Noah Chernin is playing a solo set this Monday at Mercury Lounge, followed by a full band headlining gig at Southpaw next Thursday. You can listen to some of their music on myspace. Here's an mp3:

Sam Champion - TV Fever (mp3)

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