We were caught a bit off guard the last time we caught Rahim live. It was a different band than we remembered. We knew the keyboard player was different, and there were suddenly 4 people on stage. All said, we liked them just fine before, but they sounded absolutely fantastic this time. For once, an added member really completed the sound, rather than acting as a tacked on distraction (See: The Thermals, CMJ). Not exactly sure if was a permanent member or simply a guest sitting in, since as far as we can tell the band is officially a three-piece and a quick scan down their livejournal tour diary would lead one to believe that they just had many friends join them on their many tour stops. Whatever the explanation, the band is performing at the highest level we've ever seen them at right now, and we expect them to carry the momentum into this Sunday's show at Northsix. They’re playing with one of our favorites of 2006, Bound Stems.

Have a listen to Rahim at their Myspace.