Project Jenny/Project Jan are: Sammy Rubin (Programmer/keyboardist) and Jeremy Haines (Vocalist)

At the last Movable Hype, we genuinely loved all the bands that played. Opener Project Jenny/Project Jan was no exception. It's easy to make a band based around slightly tongue in cheek joke songs, but to combine that with the talent and bravado of these two is not so common. What stood out was how impressive the actual music came across. Rubin's electronic beats were as accomplished as any in the modern scene. This is a band that should be taken seriously, even while singing about home-made sex tapes and the Chinatown bus. Like Art Brut has taught us during their many times through New York, cheekiness does not have to come at the sacrifice of the music.

PJ/PJ is playing at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night with Human Television and Pela. You can listen to a few tracks on their Myspace page.

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