Peelander Z is: Kengoswee, K.O. and Antonio Kazuki

Well, we haven’t had had the pleasure of seeing yet for ourselves, despite them playing around New York fairly regularly, but all reports seem to say that a Peelander Z live show is just about the most bizarre thing you'll come across in a downtown rock venue. They label themselves as "Japanese Action Comic Punk", and, dressed up in primary colored costumes, the shows usually consist of thrills such as human bowling, among other hijinks. The music is a pretty minimalist punk brand, but is a secondary attraction to the live show. We've been dying to take one of their shows in, and this Saturday night at the Knitting Factory Tap bar seems as good a time as ever to finally succumb to what is sure to be a trip.

You can have a listen to some tunes and read up a bit more on what they're all about at their myspace page.

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