New Feature Alert! In a city filled with music, bands and venues we sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed and underenthused. So here's the deal, we are going to write about one NYC band each week. We want to introduce you to some new music that we've heard, and we want you to introduce us to some new music as well (see end of post). We're all listening through cluttered ears, but that's only because we know there's something worth listening to out there.

Photo Credit: Meaghan Montagano

Overnight is:
Philip Watts - Vocals / Guitar / Keys
John Majer - Guitar / Keys
Ben Davidson - Bass
Gregg Leto - Drums / BG Vocals

Overnight has found their sonic niche in the crowded New York music scene. They contain elements of 70's garage and 80's dance-punk with a smidgen of mid-nineties modern rock that might be enough to get them in the ears of a casual listener. While they've only been a band for a short while, this four piece has already gotten the attention of New York's most highly principled musical tastemakers. Coolfer Glenn and (Gothamist Arts & Events Editor) Jen Carlson have tapped them to play the inaugural Shake your Halo party at Fat Baby next Wednesday with Nepo and Bravo Silva. We're excited to check them out. Have a listen for yourself below:

Overnight - Victims and Volunteers (MP3)

More at their Myspace page.

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