O'death is: Greg Jamie, Gabe Darling, David Rogers-Berry, Bob Pycior, Captain Newman M.D., Dan Sager and Euphonium.

This is a band that, when listing the instruments each member plays on their MySpace page, states the drummer also plays "whoopin it up." That might give you a clue what to expect. This is not your typical New York band. Not your typical 21st century band, in fact. They keep it real old school. Like, depression era school. But the sound should not be lost on a modern audience with an open mind, as much of what they play runs parallels to the more experimental side of bands like Modest Mouse or Man Man. It's a definite modern take on an antique sound, and the results are pretty impressive.

The band has a number of local shows coming up, the next being this Saturday at Club Midway (formerly Scenic). You can listen and download a few of their tunes at their Myspace page.

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